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Yamaha CH755 Boom Arms Cymbal Holder


Yamaha CH755 Boom Arms Cymbal Holder



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113097 / Y-CH-755

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Yamaha CH755 Boom Arms Cymbal Holder

Yamaha CH755

This long boom cymbal holder attached to Double Tom Stands and Tom Holders, while CS Attachments can be used to attach cymbal holders to cymbal stands.

• Hide-away Boom Stand
This Yamaha original design features a hide-away boom arm that stores inside the main pipe. This lets you use the stand as either a boom stand or a straight stand, and takes up less space when storing as well.

• New Step Free Tilter
The new step tilter lets you set cymbals at any angle. The tilter features a mechanism similar to one found on the foot pedal shaft holder to deliver greater holding power.
*The holder incorporates two types of metal, hard steel and soft zinc, for superior holding power.

• Unified Diameter Center Pipe
Standardized 22.2mm pipe design lets you mix and match cymbal holders and mounting accessories for greater setup flexibility. (Excluding the 600 series)

• Steadfast Legs
Legs on Yamaha's double brace leg design are fixed to the upper portion of the stand to provide superior support, and stability. (900 Series)

• Center Tilter
The Center Tilter, long popular among knowledgeable players, has been revived in the CS700/CH700 Series, CSAT942/940 and CWH940 series. By supporting the weight of the cymbal at the center, greater stability is achieved

• Offset Tilter
The offset tilter stores parallel to the pipe making transport easy and preventing damage. This tilter is used in the CS600 series, which is noted for its light, compact design.

• Placing Type BoomTilter Mechanism
Retaining YAMAHA's traditional gear mechanism, we now introduce the "clipping" method for securing the boom arm. Through this specification, the main unit of the boom arm becomes more resistant to scratches. It ensures extra peace of mind, even during complex setup adjustments. It begins with the CS965, 865, 755, CH755, 750.

• Pressing type Boom Tilter Mechanism
A precision gear mechanism provides precise adjustment of the boom arm's angle. A wing bolt firmly fixes the boom arm in place while a memory clamp/lock offers quick positioning and prevents rotating. (CS665A, 655A)

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