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Yamaha 6C Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece


Yamaha 6C Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece



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113692 / Y-MPC-TS-6C

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Yamaha 6C Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

Yamaha 6C

A woodwind instrument mouthpiece is much more than an add-on or accessory. It is a vital part of your instrument. As interface between artist and instrument, it can mean the difference between mediocrity and mastery. Yamaha mouthpieces are made of plastic or hard rubber. Both are designed to produce a well-balanced tone with all the flexibility the player requires.

Tip openings range from 3C (the smallest) to 7C (the largest), giving the player different options and playing characteristics to choose from. Wider tip openings provided consistent intonation and easy response, generating a good, clear tone. Narrow tip openings help the player achieve a more focused sound with greater volume and projection while providing a richer tone quality and easier vibrato.

• Powerful volume and rich tonal variations. Excellent for experienced players.
• Facing Length (mm): 19.0
• Tip Opening (mm): 1.30

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