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Yamaha VXS 8W speakers (pair)


Yamaha VXS 8W speakers (pair)



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151943 / Y-VXS-8W

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Yamaha VXS 8W speakers (pair)

Yamaha VXS

Yamaha designed the new VXS speakers to accommodate a growing list of applications in the installation market. While these speakers deliver quintessential Yamaha sound quality, they have also been carefully designed for safe and easy installation.


• Speaker Type: bass reflex
• Frequency range: 51Hz-20kHz
• Crossover 2.8 kHz
• Power: 90W
• PGM: 180W
• Impedance: 8 Ohm
• Peak: 114dB
• Shape: rectangular
• Housing material: ABS
• Trim color: white
• Waterproof
• Connectors: 1x Euroblock (inputs +/- Loop thru +/-), 1x ceramic terminal block (input +/- Ground)
• Dimensions: 278x430x239 mm
• Weight: 8.2 kg

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